Program Description
The Master’s Program in Cross-cultural Studies: Language and Communication aims to help students to develop an understanding of how languages work, how societies and cultures differ and the variety of ways in which people from different societies and cultural backgrounds communicate using languages. Students will develop the tools to analyze cross-cultural communication with solid knowledge in language, culture and communication, learning to communicate creatively across cultural boundaries. Those successfully graduating from the degree should find that it enhances their opportunities to gain employment in fields where intercultural competence is valued, for example in many multinational organizations, in international projects and NGOs, and in multicultural communities. Students will be awarded Master of Arts in Cross-cultural Studies upon successful completion of the program. 

Program Duration: 2 school years 

Language: The language of teaching and thesis writing is English. 

Course Requirements: Students are required to complete at least 20 credits of coursework. The courses offered are as follows. 
CCS 001 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
CCS 002Doing Social Research 
CCS 003Academic Writing 
CCS 004Cross-cultural Pragmatics
CCS 005Media Discourse Analysis: Theory and Practice
CCS 006Cultural Studies: Concepts, Methods, Theories
CCS 007Rhetoric and Communication
CCS 008Communication and Cognition
CCS 009English as a Global Language 
CCS 010Comparative Studies of Chinese and English Cultures
CCS 011Introduction to Classic Chinese Philosophy
CCS 012Film and Television Culture in Contemporary China
CCS 013Lectures on Chinese Culture
CCS 014 Chinese language 
Academic Practicum and Field Work consist 3 credits.
Thesis consists 3 credits. Students are expected to bring specific research questions to the program. Thesis must demonstrate valid analytical skills, and combines theories with practical experience. Students must pass oral defense of thesis to obtain Master’s Degree. 

Admission Criteria
1.Applicant should have Bachelor’s Degree.
2.Applicant should have educational background or working experience relevant to the subject of study.
3.Applicant should have sufficient English language proficiency.